Sound Voice brings together people with lived experience of voice loss to work with world class artists, academics, technology, healthcare and medical professionals to make an opera exploring voice loss and identity.

This unique cross-sector collaboration will:

  • Enable those who have experienced loss of voice the chance to sing and nurture their creativity.
  • Develop and experiment with new technology that will enable those who have experienced voice loss the ability to sing and express themselves musically.
  • Build a collective, multi-view narrative with those connected to voice loss, including: those living with motor neurone disease; people who have had laryngectomies; those living with Parkinson’s disease; their families; and the healthcare professionals and researchers that support them.
  • Explore and understand how the human voice connects to our identity, memory, well-being and social interactions, encouraging deeper public insight and reflection about the value of the human voice.

Words and music will evolve from interviews, interactive workshops and personal accounts from those who have been affected by voice loss and the families and healthcare professionals alongside them.


We believe that the arts are a catalyst for creative collaboration and scientific advancement, as well as essential to the wellbeing, social inclusion and self-esteem of people with lived experience of voice loss.

This project is a unique cultural opportunity to bridge the disconnect between the performing arts, science and healthcare, while engaging the public into a rich dialogue regarding the value of the human voice and the experience of voicelessness.

Our mission is to create a multi-disciplinary, cross-industry approach to creative exploration through making an opera exploring permanent voice loss and identity, whilst nurturing artistic excellence, generating groundbreaking new ideas, impacting technology and research practice, and committing to making work with relevance to people across society.