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One woman’s hard-lived reality of temporary accommodation. Following her traumatic escape from domestic violence she is given a home that is filthy and dangerously unfit for her two young children.


An ensemble cast of families who have survived living in temporary accommodation perform alongside Alice Zawadzki and Nadine Benjamin to voice the story of many families who are homeless in the UK.


An intense sadness mixed with pride, hope and optimism


The making of Paul

Live on radio

The Sound Voice performers on BBC Radio 3's In Tune

" I didn't sleep a wink after seeing this. It quite literally blew me away. I haven't stopped talking about it since and can't wait to see where the project goes in the future. "
" What you have achieved with this project is unbelievable... With this work, you have hit on something people have been experimenting with for decades – serious, thoughtful works of art that have at their centre the stories and voices of people who are not usually afforded a platform. "
" We were absolutely blown away by it. None of us have ever experienced anything like it. We were all in tears. We talked about it all the way home and half of the next day. We still refer back to it now. We all think we might never experience anything like it again. It was so emotional, so powerful, so brave, so painful and beautiful and so thought-provoking. "
" This is truly ground-breaking work, which seems to marry awareness-raising (with emotional engagement, so longer-term impact) with therapeutic intervention, while creating great art. "
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