A project by SOUND VOICE, CHAMPIONS, University College London and De Montfort University.

seeking to impact policy by highlighting the devastating impact of temporary accommodation on child health and development.

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The ‘making of documentary‘ for HOME is above.

Listen to the full performances of THIS ROOM and FLY/WORK/GROW by clicking on the banners below.


One woman’s hard-lived reality of temporary accommodation. Following her traumatic escape from domestic violence she is given a home that is filthy and dangerously unfit for her two young children.


An ensemble cast of families who have survived living in temporary accommodation perform alongside Alice Zawadzki and Nadine Benjamin to voice the story of many families who are homeless in the UK.

The award winning creative team at Sound Voice, research consultants and topic experts from CHAMPIONS, University College London (UCL) and De Montfort University (DMU) have worked in partnership to produce a series of sound installations This Room and FLY/WORK/GROW which enable audiences, policymakers and researchers to better understand the devastating impact of temporary accommodation on the health and wellbeing of children and families in the UK.

Children are being severely affected by frequent moves, inappropriate domestic environments and insecurity resulting in irreversible impacts on health. There is currently no minimum standard framework regarding temporary accommodation in this country to protect families and children.

Composer Hannah Conway, writer Hazel Gould and creative producer Katherine Wilde have created works which platform the voices of families with lived experience of homelessness alongside professional singers Nadine Benjamin and Alice Zawadzki.

The work was developed and created in close collaboration with research consultants and topic experts Professor Monica Lakhanpaul, Dr Nadia Svirydzenka (UCL/DMU) and homeless sector parters including Jo Spurling (Bee Squad).

THIS ROOM and FLY/WORK/GROW are both informed by research data and evidence and by creative engagement workshops with families and children across the UK.

HOME is part of work funded by ESRC as part of UK Research & Innovation’s rapid response to COVID 19 and the Rosetrees Foundation, UCL’s Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Grand Challenges.


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