Trio for video and two singers

In 2020, Tanja Bage was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer growing behind her vocal cords. One week after diagnosis, her voice box was removed.

In this duet with soprano Lucy Crowe, Tanja explores fears of how losing her voice might change and limit her ability to be a “good” mother, the stigmas attached to being a woman with a laryngectomy, and how, a year into her recovery, she continues to express her identity using her new voice.


Voice: Tanja Bage
Soprano: Lucy Crowe
Piano: Hannah Conway
Violin: Marianne Haynes
Cello: Nick Trygstad
Music: Hannah Conway
Words: Hazel Gould
Video design: Luke Halls
Sound design: David Sheppard
Sound production: Andrew Mellor
Creative & technical producer: Tom Lovatt
Creative producer: Patrick Dickie


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