A unique multi-media performance exploring stories of voice loss and identity.

An immersive video installation exploring real life experiences of voice loss. An exciting new collaboration between Luke Halls (video design), David Sheppard (sound designer), Hannah Conway (composer) and Hazel Gould (writer) on surround-sound, audio-visual settings of works from the Sound Voice Project.

Powerful stories of voice loss are brought together in this unique performance installation. Video designer Luke Halls and sound designer David Sheppard collaborate for the first time with composer Hannah Conway and writer Hazel Gould to create a gripping, surround-sound, audio-visual setting of three works from the Sound Voice Project; Tanja, Paul, and I Left My Voice Behind.

Each work describes a deeply personal and distinct experience, the works together invite audiences to consider wider issues of voice and identity. By turns uplifting and heart-rending, the installation is a celebration of the beauty and value of the human voice.



I Left My Voice Behind

The three works are experienced consecutively as a 23-minute performance installation.

Music: Hannah Conway
Words: Hazel Gould
Video Design: Luke Halls
Sound Design: David Sheppard
Assistant Sound Design: Jonathan Green

Sound recording engineers:
Andrew Mellor (Tanja, Paul, I Left My Voice Behind)
Brett Cox (Tanja)