Can You Hear My Voice

This piece originated from a poem written by Sara Bowden-Evans, who was unable to speak for two years after being treated for throat cancer.


This ‘dual aria’ invites audiences to understand what ‘voice’ means to Paul Jameson, as he begins to lose his speech due to motor neurone disease. 

The Willow Tree

This piece chronicles a fairy tale scene in which the Willow Tree, an ancient spirit who steals and consumes the voices, identity and soul of humans, is a personification of Parkinson’s Disease.

I Left My Voice Behind

This composition explores how the voice links us to our past, present and future identities, including vocal potential enabled by science and technology.


This duet charts a professional actor and singer's journey recovering from life changing surgery cancer behind her vocal cords.

Your Voice

The final work is a song for all who have loved and lost. It is about memory of voice, faded dreams of people and those who have witnessed their life journeys.